Metal Roof Batten

Geelong Sheetmetal’s Metal Roof Batten are the perfect alternative to Timber Battens.
40mm Metal Roof Batten’s are easily fixed directly to rafters using suitable timber/metal fix screws.

On Site Benefits / Cost & Labour Savings
Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Batten’s are a cost effective option when comparing with Timber Battens due to this product being Rollformed continuously, keeping costs as low as possible.
On site labour costs are kept to a minimum when using 40mm Metal Roof Batten’s due to the quick and easy simple installation of fastening straight through timber rafters.
A further benefit is the ability to lap the Metal Roof Batten’s as much as required to avoid cutting.
The Mitred Ends on the Metal Roof Batten are another handy on site benefit for Roofs that have multiple Hips & Valleys, as these Metal Roof Batten’s do not have to be cut to suit.


Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Battens are quick & easy to install.
The Metal Battens are screwed directly to the timber rafters of the house frame, with suitable screws, which we recommended to be installed with M5.5 x 40mm Batten ZIPS (Supplied By Geelong Sheetmetal.)
The benefits of the M5.5 x 40mm Batten ZIPS is that they are a suitable fastener for both Timber & Metal fixing, which eliminates the need to carry two sizes & types of fasteners at any one time.
For mininal cutting requirements, it is recommended that all Battens be layed in one direction.
For Roof’s containing Hips & Valleys, lay all Battens starting from the Valley.
The Metal Battens can be lapped as much as possible when finishing your run whether it be at a hip or valley, which eliminates any need for cutting on site, as the Batten ends are mitred to suit.

Supply Details

All of Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Battens are supplied in 6.500 Metre Stock Lengths.
The length of 6.500 Metres is ideal for transport on any vehicle equipped with front carry racks.
All Batten’s are rolled and supplied from Bluescope True-Core Material, which is “Blue” in colour, giving it a definitive & distinctive look from possible imported material which is not Australian Made.
Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Batten is compatible with timber rafters, and also with all standard forms or Roofing / Cladding products including Colorbond, Zincalume & Galvanised Steel.


Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Batten is not limited to usage on Metal Roofing only.
This product is also suitable and effective for use with Wall Cladding projects.

Precautions / Specific Environments
Bluescope Steel’s True-Core material which is a Zinc / Aluminium coating used to protect the Metal Roof Batten, is not recommended for use within environments or structures in severe industrial, or highly corrosive areas.
This includes areas located within one kilometre of salt water, chemical plants etc.
The 40mm Steel Roof Batten is an effective option in areas which are prone to Termites & White Ants.

Other Benefits

  • Light Weight to make this product an easy on site handling option.
  • Strong 0.55mm BMT Finish, including safety folds & strengthening folds.
  • Straight Profile, no bending or warping due to the prodcut being continuoulsy rollformed.
  • Great profile for stacking and nesting, which allows for easy transport and minimal space requirements.
  • Textured non-slip surface on top of profile.
  • No chance of rotting due to weather or enviornmetal conditions.

Design & Profile

Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Batten have been designed with a 5mm Saftey-Lip on the fixing points of the Batten to eliminate any chances of harming yourself while handling the Batten, whilst also strengthening the Metal Roof Batten to a further degree.
The 40mm rise in the Batten is broken down half way with a simple, yet effective strengthening fold which is another benefit & positive attribute to Geelong Sheetmetal’s 40mm Metal Roof Batten.
The profile across the top of the Metal Roof Batten is 40mm as opposed to 32mm for the ease of fixing all Metal Roofing / Wall Cladding profiles.

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