Custom Fabrication

Geelong Sheetmetal’s Custom Fabrication division services both the Building & Construction Industrywith quality Roofing & Plumbing products, whilst also servicing clients who require Light Engineering & Design services.

Some of the items Geelong Sheetmetal Manufacture, but are not limited to:

  • GSM Rainwater Head Range (PDF) – GSM Skylights & Kits
  • Sumps – Vented Ridge
  • Roof Access Hatches – Louvers & Vents
  • Roof Penetration Upstands – Flues / Cowls

Custom Fabrication – Light Engineering
Geelong Sheetmetal’s Light Engineering division of Custom Fabrication can assist you with the Design & Fabrication of your custom requirements.

Some of the services and processes Geelong Sheetmetal offer:

  • Bending & Folding – MIG / TIG Welding
  • Laser / Plasma Profiling – Clinching
  • Brake Pressing – Powdercoating
  • CAD Design From Specs – Punching
  • Perforating – Complete Assembley

With a combination of all the above services & processes, Geelong Sheetmetal can assist you from Design to Completion of your products, or as an alternative, can supply you with the parts required for you to complete your project.

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